Palma: Hop into it

This is Amanda Palma's pet rabbit, Mimi. -Photo Editor/Amanda Palma

It’s 6 or 7 a.m., I don’t know. It was early when I felt something on my feet.

A little lump of about five pounds began to nibble my toes and surrounding blankets. Then, from the backs of my feet to my toes, which had been toasty in my bed, I felt the scurrying of teeny feet.

The lump sat on top of my head, without any care at all that it had woken me up.  

Suddenly, my head became weightless again, and with my groggy eyes I woke up to my rabbit’s derpy and innocent face.

I adopted Mimi about a month ago at the Rabbit House Society in Newport, Delaware. I don’t know why I got her. She wasn’t an impulse buy, even though I just made it sound like she was. I had originally wanted a dog, but already had a doggo at my house in North Jersey. A cat was out of the question because my roommate would rather “Watch a montage of gorey film scenes, every day, for a week, than ever have a cat in the house.” Mice also scare me, and I think if I had gotten a hamster, I either would have been bored or would have lost it within a day. So, a rabbit.

It started with a simple Google search, ‘Rabbits for sale near me.’ Through many rabbit searches with Petfinder, I finally saw my cute, little angel. It was a picture of her chillin’ in a tiny red wagon, with her soft nose towards the camera. I immediately downloaded the application in fear that someone may adopt her before me.

The application wasn’t difficult, but definitely asked the right questions for someone looking to adopt. It’s a commitment and people often forget that, especially with rabbits. Overall, the application was clarifying that you were a person of humanity.

In order for me to have meet Mimi in person, I had to get my application approved. It took only a few days for me to get an email response with follow up questions and options for appointments.

About a week later I found myself driving home with her. I had prepared for arrival a few days before I brought her home, so her habitat was all set up. As she was unfamiliar with her new environment, she was rather shy and sleepy. But, within a few days time she presented more of her curious and loving personality. Now she’s my little companion, and my brand new alarm clock for years to come.

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