Glassboro is adding digital kiosks to Rowan Boulevard: Here’s what they are for


If you’ve been around the Rowan Boulevard or Victoria building recently, you’ve probably noticed something new that would normally seem to belong in a shopping mall.

These kiosks will be used for emergency notifications, event happenings and Borough news, according to the Director of Public Relations and Business Development for Glassboro, Lavon Phillips.

According to Glassboro’s website, “The current Glassboro is a progressive community, always creating an innovative future. Combining advanced technology infrastructure with a thriving cosmopolitan atmosphere that’s just minutes from Philadelphia and Delaware the downtown is continually being revitalized.”

Through digital advertising, companies can reach the right audience, with the right message, at the right time. Billboards, 30-second television commercial spots or ads in back pages of newspapers are becoming a thing of the past.

In regards to bringing these kiosks to Rowan’s campus, Joe Cardona, vice president of university relations, had some insight on the idea.

“I think the kiosks are a fantastic idea, particularly since the advertising revenue will end up paying for each unit,” Cardona said. “As for the university, we are going to wait to see them in action before we decide to install any on campus.”

As evidenced by the Glassboro motto, “Choosing inspiration over competition for a stronger community and a healthier way to do business,” the town is continually making improvements to make the town a great place to live and visit, and these kiosks are proof of that.

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