Yobb: Does anyone really care about Stormy Daniels?

-Stock photo of Donald Trump courtesy of Creative Commons

The mainstream media has exploded the “breaking news” that the president cheated on his wife with an adult film star and wasn’t very ethical about it afterward. When I heard this news, it was as surprising as the sun coming up the next morning. CNN and 60 minutes ran specials, interviewing with Stormy Daniels about the affair. It would have been more shocking if they had ran a special with Melania Trump talking about how faithful her husband had been over the course of their marriage.

At the end of the day it all comes down to this: Who really cares? This is no surprise to anyone. Donald Trump graced the cover of a Playboy magazine, he has a history of dating supermodels and has been recorded on tape saying derogatory things about women. So why does this news surprise anyone?

Just because it isn’t surprising doesn’t mean that it’s right. Cheating on your wife no matter who you are is awful. However, this news does not change the opinion that people have of Donald Trump. He is who everyone thought he was.

It all comes down to Trump’s war against the media. Running stories like this in their prime time slot just shows that Trump has won. The fact of the matter is that this has nothing to do with his ability to govern. It is just another attempted smear of his already absent character. This may not be “fake news” but it definitely shouldn’t be categorized as real news. It may be time to forget about Stormy Daniels and focus on real issues.

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  1. I imagine that the Europeans are laughing at us just like they did with Blow Job Bill (Clinton). As the writer suggests can we please just focus on what really matters to most Americans – living wages and job security.