Leady: March snow madness

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Dear March,

March Madness is in full swing, but not in the way you may be thinking.

Of course you’re nearing your end, I am sitting here in disbelief that my bracket is totally busted and I only have one team left in my final four and no possible way of winning in my league.

This is not the madness I wish to speak of, though. Of course it makes me angry and upset that almost all of my teams are out but one thing bothers me more than this bracket.

Snow needs to stop.

I get that everyone loves the look of snow and the way it looks when it’s laying there on the grass and branches so perfectly, but what about two days later?

After the plows have passed, the snow begins to melt, and the sun peeks through, this winter (or should I say spring) wonderland turns into a mess.

I like a little snow, but closer to the holidays when I need the spirit to get into Christmas and all of the festivities.

The way snow looks two days after a storm is terrible to me. It just lingers around, mocking me from the ground where it starts to turn brown, black and every color other than the fluffy white it once was.

It’s spring now and the last thing I’m sure everyone wants to see is the ground covered in snow. I want warmer weather, BBQs, shorts, and being able to walk around without shivering in the cold.

The time will come eventually for that weather, but for the time being we’re stuck again with the snow covering the ground, our door steps, our cars and putting a damper on my spring spirit.

It’s driving me crazy that week after week we have to watch a new nor’easter come in and batter the east coast and blanket the Rowan campus.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cancelled classes as much as the next person, giving me time to catch up on work I need to get done. I would much rather have classes and in my spare time sit out on the green and just relax and do my homework outside, though.

At least if I’m outside I get the fresh air hitting my cheeks that are covered in tears because UNC and Michigan State are both out of the tournament.

Instead, my tears are turning into icicles because the wind is battering my face when I step outside for two seconds to take out the trash.

It’s not all bad though, I get to sit around and play cards with my girlfriend while binge watching shows my mom has already finished, pestering me about what she already knows about the show that I still need to find out.

With that being said, March, it has not been a fun one. You have not been nice to me and I don’t appreciate it.

Sincerely, One Angry Columnist

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