Nor’easter number four cancels classes for two days back-to-back

Snow on Rowan Boulevard. -Staff Photo/ Justin Decker

Spring may have started, but winter is late to leave.

The fourth Nor’easter to hit the East Coast in the past four weeks started yesterday, canceling classes mid-day and closing campus today, March 21.

Yesterday, Rowan cancelled classes when the weather had reached its ultimate peak, but for the morning classes, students still had to commute in.

Michelle Provost, a senior liberal studies major, is a commuter who dealt with numerous weather related accidents on her commute into campus during this icy storm.

“It wasn’t bad when I left it started snowing but when I got farther down towards campus it got scarier because there were a couple cars like turned the wrong way on the highway,” Provost said.

When inclement weather conditions occur it can become dangerous for students to commute into campus. Many students have to drive from all over, some even up to 50 miles away, which can cause major accidents.

“The school should think about when the weathers bad, they should think about commuters and people living on campus because its a totally different thing for them, like a lot of people do have an hour commute from school, so its not just in this county its all over,” Provost said.

Not only is the weather inconvenient and dangerous for commuters, but also for those who are living on campus. Walking around on the slippery ice ridden sidewalks can cause falls and injury.

Susan Mulholland, a senior illustrator major, lives in 230 Victoria and is just a short walk from most campus buildings. But, even being so close doesn’t make the terrible conditions any easier to maneuver.

“Since I live on campus it’s not as bad but I know people that commute to class and that are now driving on these roads, class will be cancelled earlier in the morning until they are salted but people who have a 30-minute commute it’s dangerous to be driving right now,” Mulholland said.

Winter came in like a lamb but is going out like a lion, lingering and rocking the whole East Coast as it goes. Spring’s big debut has yet to appear but hopefully this will be the last of winter.

“Im sick of winter, isn’t today the first day of spring?” Mulholland said.

Rowan cancelled classes all-day Wednesday. Snow is still falling, but no decision has been made about classes on Thursday.

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