Yobb: Sports, the great unifier

-Photo from pixabay.com

Pick your favorite news outlet and watch it for an hour. Whether it is CNN, Fox New, ABC, you will notice that they all paint the same picture—stress. Now turn on your favorite sports channel and you will see stories with a totally different message. In todays world, we need sports.

With the popularity of politics at an all time high, we are experiencing division everywhere you look. When you log onto Facebook you are sure to see a few arguments between people talking about their stances on various issues. Television is usually an escape from politics but now we have Jimmy Kimmel on his show and celebrities at award shows preaching their political stances. It got to the point where I thought that there was nothing that could unite people anymore… And then the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

Last Thursday, my girlfriend and I went to the Eagles parade to watch our team flaunt the Lombardi Trophy down Broad Street for the first time in history. However, what we experienced was way more than we could have asked for. The atmosphere on the street was like nothing I have ever experienced in my life. Everyone had a smile on their face that never left throughout the hours we stood there. Music was playing and strangers were dancing together. It was incredible, and it was then that I realized that the Super Bowl was more than just a game. No one cared about who you voted for, or what your stance is on our president. Love was emulating from every single person that was on Broad Street that day.

The country needs sports as an escape from the everyday stress of life. But, sports are even needed on a global stage as well. Take a look at North and South Korea, who are starting conversations that may lead towards unification. What got this conversation going is the start of the Olympics. North and South Koreans competed on the same Olympic team during a hockey match the other day, breaking down the norms that we are all too used to seeing. They may have lost the game, but nothing will take away the atmosphere that they created by playing together for the first time since the separation of their countries.

During the election season and soon after I had my eyes glued to CNN because I felt the need to keep up with everything that was going on in the world of politics. Now, I find myself watching ESPN more than anything. Sports bring happiness to people, whether your team is having a winning season or not, they always have an opportunity to go out and fight for a win on any given night. Watching a team like the Eagles win the championship against all odds is so inspirational, and it showed in the city of Philadelphia and beyond.

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