Yobb: Eagles are Super Bowl champs

-Photo by Flickr user Kevin Burkett

On Monday morning, I rolled out of bed on just a few hours of sleep. There was an outcome to a certain football game the previous night that prevented me from falling asleep right away. I then made myself a hearty breakfast, and washed it down with a glass of the tears of Tom Brady. It was the greatest start of the day of my life, following the greatest night of my life. Our Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl Champions.

As I write this I am still stunned. I have been waiting my whole life to see the Eagles hoist up the Lombardi trophy. Before this past Sunday, I was only able to see an Eagle do that in Madden—which is not nearly as satisfying. The Eagles victory, just like any other Eagles victory, did not come without stress. When the birds gave the ball back to Tom Brady with a little over two minutes left in the game I prepared myself for the worst. You just cannot give the ball back to the greatest and most clutch quarterback of all time and expect to keep your lead. However, the impossible happened. Brandon Graham burst through the Patriots offensive line and swatted the ball from Brady’s hand, sending it flying onto the ground. When Eagles rookie Derek Barnett recovered the fumble, tears of joy rushed to my eyes. We did it. The Eagles won the Super Bowl.

There was nothing sweeter than seeing the Eagles take down the evil empire in Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Brady is one of the best quarterbacks of all time, but he proved to be the biggest loser on Sunday. Following the loss, Brady ran straight into the locker room instead of going to the middle of the field to congratulate Nick Foles on the historic win. In a post game interview, Brady had no praise for the Eagles and told reporters that they only won because of the strip-sack fumble. The anger and frustration in Brady’s actions and words have brought me nothing but joy. The greatest quarterback of all time just lost the Super Bowl to a back-up quarterback. That is something that I will never let Patriots fans live down.

Doug Pederson, a second year coach, out-coached Bill Belichick on the biggest stage in all of sports. Because of it, the Lombardi trophy is going to Philadelphia for the first time in franchise history. I will remember Sunday night for the rest of my life. Thank you Nick Foles for bringing me and millions of others so much joy. We did it.

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