Fell: On Valentine’s and Galentine’s

-Photo courtesy of Morgan Fell

Ladies, this one is for you. Valentine’s Day is here. Chocolates and flowers fill the stores. Red and pink decorations as far as the eye can see — everything looks perfect, right? You bet! We all hope to see our significant others on that special 14th day of February, don’t we? Of course! However, it is also important to remember our gal pals during this festive time of the winter.

When swept up in a whirlwind romance, or struggling with a hectic school and work schedule, it can be difficult to remember we are all entitled to a social life. Fortunately, someone invented an unofficial holiday to help us ladies out: Galentine’s Day, where we get all our closest girlfriends together to celebrate one another and maybe just catch up.

One of the most popular Galentine’s Day traditions is getting one another small little trinkets to show appreciation for one another. Galentine’s Day originated on the hit TV show, Parks and Recreation, and it seems to have taken off. The day is celebrated on Feb. 13, as a precursor to the lovey-dovey holiday to follow.

Galentine’s does not have to be anything super complex or tedious. It can be a simple coffee date. The show sets itself as a brunch, which can be a lot of fun as well. Do what is favorable for you and your friends. Life can get overwhelming. People get caught up in the things they have going on.

The common problem is when new romances start, people forget their friends. I know I have and unfortunately may have caused situations like this in the past. But it is certainly important to remember that a social life is important. Your friends will be by you through thick and thin and Galentine’s day is dedicated to celebrating the best kinds of friends, your girlfriends. So go out and enjoy your girls and celebrate one another! Happy Galentine’s Day!

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