Fell: College shadow boxes

-Photo from flickr.com

With graduation approaching in May, many students want to commemorate their time at their college in a special way. Some will chose little stuffed bears dressed in graduation caps and their school’s logo on it. While others will find little sayings on plaques and either put them on their desks or walls at their new grownup job. Here is one really cool way to commemorate your time at a college or high school: a memorial shadow box.

This project is actually a lot simpler than it sounds. First, find a shadow box that suits the size you want. A 11”x 14” is one of the best sizes, as it allows for a bit of room to add your cap as well as your diploma. Second, gather the items you want to place inside. I will be making three different shadow boxes; one for my high school, one for my undergraduate university, and one for my graduate school. I will be placing my graduation cap, diplomas, acceptance letters, any honors cords/medallions and other things inside. However, it can vary per person.

You will want to place your diplomas in a protective plastic cover (you can decorate it with paper to make it look better). This is to help keep it protected from sun damage as well as age and other calamities that may befall the box. Finally, put push pins in the backs of the graduation caps to help keep it in place.

The purpose of such a craft is to help preserve the memory of what you have done and been through. Many say college is an experience you will never forget. That is true. There are several things I know personally I will never forget, the late nights studying. My girlfriends and I almost setting a wine bottle on fire because we lacked a proper wine cork. (Not our proudest moment). However, these are the types of things you want to put in this box. Not just your honors and cap, but things you did! People you met, photos you took, and assignments you passed that you didn’t think you would, would make excellent additions.

These can also be used as gifts for graduates to be, if you are not the one graduating but know of people who will be. It shows compassion and time taken for someone you care about. Create something to treasure what you will never forget and take the time to make a shadow box for your college experience before you graduate. You will be glad you did when years from now you can look back at it and smile, memories flooding back to you of a time maybe long ago.

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