Students race to eat a 22-ounce hamburger at third Profs vs Food

Math education junior Nick Sokoya, gets ready to eat his 22 ounce hamburger at Prof vs Food in the Marketplace cafeteria on Feb. 1. -Staff Photo/Justin Decker

It’s a common stereotype to think that college students can never get enough food, but this week the Rowan Marketplace cafeteria provided a handful of students a meal most of them couldn’t handle.

Prof vs. Food is a new food eating competition Gourmet Dining Services started for Rowan students, modeled after the television show Man vs. Food, where students are given five minutes to eat a proportionately enormous meal for the chance to win a prize.

These events started last semester and continued with its third entry on Thursday.

“The first one we did students ate a three-pound burrito,” said the MarketPlace’s Director of Residential Dining Chantee Leggett. “Today we’re doing a big ol’ hamburger.”

Students prepare for the third Prof vs Food event in the Marketplace cafeteria on Feb. 1. -Staff Photo/Justin Decker

The hamburgers the students were served a 22 ounce sirloin burger with cheese, bacon, onion rings and a special secret sauce, all prepared by the Marketplace’s Residential Chef Stephen Meintel.

More than 15 students came to compete in the event, but the winner of the event, freshman human performance in clinical settings major Colin O’Hara said that finishing the burger was, “Easy work.”

“This was easy, I’ve been eating my whole life,” O’Hara joked after winning the competition. “I did [an eating contest] in my home town for pizza… and I didn’t even know this was going on until someone from the cafeteria told me to try it out.”

Human performance in clinical settings freshman Colin O’Hara poses with Gourmet Dining employees after wining Prof vs Food in the Marketplace cafeteria on Feb. 1. -Staff Photo/Justin Decker

O’hara was given $18 in meal vouchers by gourmet dining staff as reward for winning the contest.

After the event ended, O’Hara said he was still hungry.

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