Look out Philly, this Rowan alumni band is rising up

(From left to right) Zakary Iannitelli, John Dominy, Michael Youngkin, and Alex "Big Boy" Dominy. -Photo Courtesy of Dominy's Facebook Page

Not every band in Philadelphia makes it big straight out the gate, but to the members of the band Dominy that doesn’t seem to be a problem.

The group consisting of lead singer John Dominy, 28, his younger brother and senior history major, Alex, 21, Rowan writing arts alumni, Michael Youngkin, 30, and their newest drummer, Zakary Iannitelli, 29, was recently announced as the feature artist by theDeliMagazine.com.

The band describes their song as surf rock with a southern rock vibe. They recently played at Ortlieb’s in Philadelphia.

“We’re like the Grateful Dead meets the ventures meets Wilco or something.” Yougkin said.

Dominy just released it’s first album titled, “Wet Leather” the band said they will also be releasing another album soon. They are still debating the title.

Several Rowan students went to see them perform this past saturday at Ortlieb’s in Philadelphia.

“I’ve watched Dominy transform over the past year and it’s been so much fun watching them grow as a band and develop their style and sound,” senior education major Mallory McLaughlin said. “Dominy has a unique southern vibe that makes them distinct from other alternative rock bands and each performance comes with a creative twist that makes them stand out from other bands I’ve seen. I describe their new album Wet Leather as that catchy and fun album you listen to when you’re on a road trip with friends.”

Another student said he enjoyed their sound and stage presence.

“They are everything I look for in live entertainment,” said senior music industry major Andrew Moorer. “They are what I call good alternative music.”

After their show, they band commented on why they chose a career in music.

“Eventually you need to take thing’s seriously and I realized I’m not good at anything else,” John said.

“I can vouche for that,” Youngkin said.

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