Tony V’s Takeout and Moore is the perfect spot for a late-night breakfast

Tony V's take out and Moore on High Street West on February 20, 2018. -Staff Photo Justin Decker

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but who says it has to be served in the morning?

Located on the corner of Center Street and High Street West, right across from Steve’s Grilled Cheese, is a small restaurant that does just that: serves breakfast at all times, not just in the morning.

Anthony Voltis, a Glassboro native and co-owner of Tony V’s Takeout and Moore, previously owned other restaurants down the shore, including a diner in Glassboro a year ago, before starting this new business venture.

Inside the restaurant, two of the employees debated over which movie to watch on the television. Should they watch the latest Vin Diesel movie or Troy starring Brad Pitt?

Aside from debating what to watch on the television, Tony V’s Takeout and Moore offers a home-style and friendly feel for those who walk through the door. They aspire to make their customers feel like they are walking into their home kitchen. To create a connection with their aesthetic. 

Tony V’s caters to its customers’ needs, whether that be a homey environment or specialty making their favorite meals. Opening the restaurant with his son-in-law, Voltis focuses on the sense of “home style.”

“Last week, I didn’t feel good and [Tony] made me my favorite mac and cheese,” said Glassboro resident Annastasia Sundance. “He makes the best mac and cheese.”

Since opening in September 2017, Sundance has gotten used to the atmosphere here in Glassboro.

“It’s kinda like a New York without the hustle,” she said.

One item on the menu, the pancake egg sandwich, was something Voltis’ wife used to make for their granddaughter. They incorporate traditional family meals into their restaurant, making each customer feel like they are entering a home. 

When explaining the reason behind the menu, Voltis said, “Well, it’s breakfast. It’s supposed to be a breakfast place, but Harry [Voltis’ son-in-law and fellow co-owner] invented these fat sandwiches, so that’s where that came from…”

The menu is a mixture of everything from breakfast foods to fatty sandwiches, they all combine to make feel-good foods for the Glassboro residents.

I ordered the pancake and egg sandwich. It was delicious. Above all, the staff was super friendly and maintained a warm environment—this is definitely a place you could take your kids!

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