Fell: Tips for time management

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.com)

Hello everyone! As the spring semester begins we are all trying to figure out how to manage our course load as well as passing our classes with flying colors, manage a social life and then a job, right? That can get pretty tough. I am writing this to offer some helpful tips to help keep you on track this semester and for you seniors reading this, graduate on time!


More writing? I know but I promise you, you will thank me later for drilling this in your head. We all have calendars in our phone we can add events and due dates to, I am aware. However, if that cellular device dies or crashes, there goes your calendar. I am taking all online classes this semester as I am sure a lot of students have at least one. Those require a lot of time management and self-discipline, get an agenda (even a thin little one) and write down when everything is due! It’ll keep you on track!


From old school to modern technology, download the Blackboard and Canvas apps to your smart phone. Each app allows you to access your classes and see what is due when, even for classes not online. All your classes have to be either on Blackboard or Canvas for course materials. Therefore, you can always go into the app if you feel you forgot to jot something down. Each app also sends alerts via text message directly to you reminding you of upcoming assignments and exams. Pretty cool, right?


We all have very busy lives. Classes, jobs, family, social lives, etc. This can all get pretty overwhelming. It gets even harder if you are involved in extracurriculars. Figure out a way to plot out a schedule. It can be in your agenda (hint, hint) or on a calendar you have in your dorm or home. Plot out time slots to do assignments, go out with friends, etc. This will help keep you in check and keep things from getting too overwhelming too fast. You never want to fall behind in class but if you schedule time for things, you will never feel like you are shorting one part of your life.

Hopefully these three tips help you stay on track this semester and make life a little bit easier. Maybe you even learned about something you hadn’t thought of. Believe me, the agenda thing, I was skeptical to, but now I carry it everywhere with me. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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