Here’s what one Rowan student had to say after performing ‘For Reasons Unknown’ at Killers concert in Philadelphia

Tyler Steinbronn plays "Reasons Unknown" at the Killers concert in Philadelphia on Jan. 13. -Photo courtesy of Tyler Steinbronn

As a kid, did you ever have that recurring fantasy/dream of playing on stage with your favorite band? Well, that dream became a reality for senior music industry major Tyler Steinbronn.

“You come into class and all the teachers are like, ‘What’s your name, what’s your major, what did you do over winter break?’ and I’m like, ‘Well, I played on stage with The Killers in front of like 20,000 people,’” Steinbronn said.

Steinbronn attended the concert in Philadelphia the Saturday before the semester started. He brought a sign with him to the concert that read, “ME+DRUMS=REASONS,” referencing the 2006 song “For Reasons Unknown.”

The sign Tyler Steinbronn brought to the killers concert. -Photo courtesy of Tyler Steinbronn

“In the middle of the concert I told the people I was waiting in line with all day, I told them that I was gonna hold up the sign and they had flashlights on their phone so I told them to use the flashlights so he would see the sign,” Steinbronn said. “And they all started waving them when I held it up and [Brandon Flowers] looked up and he just pulled me up on stage. And the next thing you know I’m standing behind the drum set.”

Rowan students who also attended the concert watched as one of their peers got to live out one of his dreams.

“That night is something I will never forget!” said junior elementary education major Olivia Hagen, who saw Steinbronn perform with the band. “I have always known Tyler of being a talented, driven and determined person, so it did not surprise me completely that he was brought up to the stage.”

“Knowing how much music means to him, I couldn’t help but become emotional seeing him on stage and hearing the roar and chants of the audience as he played,” Hagen continued. “He performed so flawlessly and had a confidence that made him blend in with the band so effortlessly. Tyler deserves this wonderful experience and I am glad I got [to] witness it first hand.”

Tyler Steinbronn plays reasons unknown at the Killers concert in Philadelphia. -Photo courtesy of Tyler Steinbronn

Following his performance with the band, Steinbronn had his fifteen minutes of fame, blowing up on social media. Instantly, he became a hit and people couldn’t stop talking about his performance.

“I didn’t say anything to anyone and, like, getting off the stage, I walked back to my spot and I saw my friend Olivia and she jumped on me and gave me a big hug,” he said, reminiscing on the post-experience. “And next thing you know, I get back to my spot and my phone just starts [blowing up]. And I got home. My parents were asleep, the next day I woke up and they were like, ‘What is this?’ So I was like, ‘Oh yeah, about that…’ and showed them all the videos.”

Steinbronn was all-smiles when talking about this once in a lifetime experience, which is no surprise for someone who got to perform on stage with their favorite band since middle school.

“It would be awesome to actually say, ‘Hey, thanks,’ one last time… [It was] the best way to end winter break,” Steinbronn concluded.

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