Alchohol violations affect Rowan students

-Photo courtesy of Pixabay user Alexas_Fotos

When most people think of college, they think of drinking and parties more than the education. Thanks to music videos and songs like “I love College” by Asher Roth, students looking at going to college tend to be focused on party schools and drinking.

This past semester Rowan has had 48 alcohol violations between the months of September through December.

“Sounds close to our numbers,” said Reed Layton, director of the Department of Public Safety. Layton deals with the violations with the help of the community standards department.

“They would be issued a summons, and have to make a payment in court and disciplined on campus also,” Layton said.

The violations take place all over campus. Some of the violations are specified as underage possession of alcohol, but not all of them. Other examples of alcohol violations could include public intoxication and can sometimes tie in with citations for urinating in public.

There are some places mentioned more than others when it comes to where the violations take place. North Main Street has a lot of hits; this road runs right past the local bar, Landmark Americana Tap and Grill. There were also citations given out in dorms such as Holly Pointe Commons, Rowan Boulevard Apartments, Evergreen, Oak Hall and Laurel Hall.

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