Boro-in-Lights brings Glassboro & Rowan together to celebrate holiday spirit

Rowan Acapela Group Profecy performs on Rowan Boulevard at Boro in Lights on December 1, 2017. -Photo Editor/Amanda Palma

The spirit of Christmas came to town bringing residents, students and their families out of their homes and onto the streets to enjoy the Boro in Lights festival.

Glassboro’s annual annual tree-lighting and Christmas festival was held along Rowan Boulevard this past Friday, Dec. 1.

Hundreds of adults, children and students from Rowan University braved the near-freezing temperatures with hot chocolate and coffee in-hand, for their worthwhile glimpse and feel of holiday cheer, as the multicolored lights sparkled brightly around the three-story-high Christmas tree. Although a holiday parade was not included, many events were sure to deliver just as much of a Christmas gift.

Leo McCabe, Mayor of Glassboro, holds a check presented by South Jersey Federal Credit Union at “Boro in Lights” on December 1, 2017. -Photo Editor/Nicole Mingo

“The tree-lighting is definitely my favorite part,” said Rowan University student, sophomore public relations major Steven Becker. “This is my first time attending this event here in Glassboro, but this definitely stands out a lot from the ones I’ve been to at home.”

The tree-lighting was not the only thing that brought the crowd to applaud and cheer. Songs and carols performed by children’s choruses from local elementary and middle schools and ice sculpture carving added emphasis to the event. Selfies and other photogenic poses were being taken by many in front of the Christmas tree, carriage rides pulled by snow-white horses carried riders along the perimeter of the event and drones flew high above the crowd snapping every festive picture it could get. Even a special performance by the Rowan Ballroom Dance Club was given in the streets to a medley of Christmas songs.

“There’s definitely an overwhelming feeling being here,” said junior accounting major Jonathan Dolan, a student at Rowan University. “There’s an overwhelming amount of children here…and people. That’s definitely a good thing to feel and great thing to see.”

The crowd gathers around the ice shaving display at “Boro in Lights” on Dec. 1, 2017.
-Photo Editor/Nicole Mingo

“This event is totally worth coming out in freezing temperatures for,” said Glassboro High School senior, Osazee Nosa. “I didn’t come to the event last year although I really wanted to, but now that I am here, I can see that this is an amazing thing to ever come to this town. It brings people together and delivers a sense of community, happiness and peace; something we all need, especially in today’s society.”

A very extravagant event like Boro in Lights, takes sheer and potent dedication to plan and prepare. Megan McHugh, assistant director for the Chamberlain Student Center and Campus Activities, elaborated on what went into the holiday event.

“We start the planning for this event the summer prior. We need to work with the Borough of Glassboro to reserve the space, have roads closed, gather sponsorship from local businesses, and notify businesses on the Boulevard about the event,” McHugh said.

“We also book vendors, solicit performers, and create contracts months leading up to the event. The Rowan After Hours (RAH) professional team makes up the committee that really plans this event and then the RAH student staff members execute it night of. Also, can’t forget the marketing! We promote this event at least 2 weeks prior via social media, flyers and lawn signs are campus and the local Glassboro area, and much more.”

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