Yobb: How the tables turned in the NFC East

-Photo from pixabay.com

Oh how they mighty have fallen… It is week 12 in the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys are 4-6, while the Philadelphia Eagles lead the division at 10-1. To many, the Cowboys were the favorite to win the NFC East and to some the favorite to win the Super Bowl. So what exactly happened? Reality happened.

Dak Prescott is an average quarterback at best. His stats were inflated by the play of his pro bowl running back Ezekiel Elliot. With Elliot’s absence, Prescott’s true colors have shown. In the three games that Prescott has played without Elliot, he has thrown for 5 interceptions and no touchdowns. It is obvious that without a run game, Prescott will continue to be a lackluster quarterback in the NFL.

Great teams have overcome the absences of players on their team; and the Philadelphia Eagles have done just that. The Eagles have lost key players such as Darren Sproles, Jason Peters and Chris Maragos, but still they continue to win football games. The Eagles have such great depth that when one man goes down, the next man fills his shoes without missing a beat. That is what makes this team so special. Injuries have plagued the league this year with star players like J. J. Watt and Odell Beckham Jr. which has affected their respected teams immensely. The Eagles on the other hand have been able to roll with the punches in the wake of the injuries of players on their team, and are proving they can win without them week in and week out.

Teams in the NFC like the Packers, Cowboys and Giants were favored by NFL analysts around the league to have successful seasons this year. Looking at the standings, they have done quite the opposite. This is largely due to injuries and suspensions to key players on their teams. If you look at the list of players that the Eagles have lost due to injury, you would never think that they would be able to be 10-1 this far into the season. Its time to come to the realization that this Eagles team is the real deal, and are poised to run the table in the NFC east for years to come. The days of the Giants and Cowboys competing for the top spot in the division are over. The age of Carson Wentz and the Eagles are among us, so let’s sit back and enjoy the ride.

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