Andujar: Show me the stuffy

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This is a weekly installment of Suzette Andujar’s column series, “As I Was Saying.”

Pumpkin pie was going to save my life. I waited all year with the patience of a dry rock on a flooded stream to get a piece. Joyful bells rang out in delight as a slice, loaded with whip cream, was placed in front of me. However, an ominous feeling took over my soul as the first fluffy piece of precious pie headed towards my palate. I could feel the texture of the pie and, yes, that was everything I wished it would be, yet something was off… something… terrible.

I couldn’t taste or smell.

It was a horrific realization. I mean I knew that I had a bit of a cold and I was fighting it through dinner; but let me tell ya, I had no idea that I would lose my sense of taste, especially ON THANKSGIVING. Questions and conclusions entered my mind all at once: How did this happen?, Why did this happen?, Is this really happening?, How long will this last?, and Am I going to die? I’m going to die. This is the end. Nice knowing you, world. Death by lack of taste buds.

Okay, so that was a tiny bit overdramatic, but it’s what I went through and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy’s worst enemy. I’ve lost my smell and taste before, but never on a holiday. I value my senses. I will cherish them as long as I have them and appreciate everything they do for me. I just don’t appreciate them enough, until one disappears.

So while I sat there in deep misery over my pumpkin pie, I realized that I had rights. I wasn’t going to be held back by the oppression of colds. I took another bite and said to myself that it was mind over matter. I was going to taste the pumpkin pie, even if it was only a hint of cinnamon, and I was going to feel much better. Nothing was going to stop me from getting my way, especially not Nasal Congestion. Who was Nasal Congestion kidding? Nasal had another thing coming if it thought that it would stop me from enjoying food on Thanksgiving. Nasal was going to l-o-s-e because it was a l-o-s-e-r.

Nasal w-o-n. Who was I kidding? I watched with envy as my family ate. I watched as they appreciated the fine cuisine of the turkey, candied yams and pie; pumpkin, to be precise. The cold was infinitely worse the following day and Nasal stayed with me, while I forced down Thanksgiving leftovers. This ordeal made me realize that colds never come at a convenient time. I just wish it wouldn’t come during the best food day of the year. It was so sad too because while I sat there and cheerfully shouted to my mom “Show me the stuffing!” Nasal Congestion shouted “Show me the stuffy!” Ugh. I’ll be prepared on Christmas. This holiday season isn’t over yet. I can just smell success…well, in a few days I will.

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