Federal and non-profit job fair attracts career seekers from student body

Atendees and employers mingle at the Federal and Non-Profit Career Fair. -Photo Editor/Amanda Palma

Tuesday in the Enyon Ballroom, students looking for careers in the federal and non-profit sector got the opportunity to talk to potential future employers. The event was put on by the Office of Career Advancement.

According to Ruben Britt, the assistant director of the Office of Career Advancement, this particular career fair has been going on for 12 years. In that time, it has expanded from 22 presenters to 36 and moved from the atrium of Savitz Hall to its current spot in the student center. For Britt, seeing students explore their opportunities in multiple job sectors is the most worthwhile part of the career fair.

“It’s very important for individuals to understand that there are more opportunities outside of the for-profit organizations” Britt said. “The largest employer in the country is the federal government, and that’s one of the reasons why we want to bring them on campus.”

Some of the presenters were local police departments, federal agencies and even a media company. WHYY, a public broadcasting station was there looking for future interns and employees. Sasha Buddle, a human resources generalist was one of the people manning the WHYY table, and she was blown away by the amount of participation she saw,

“I’m actually very impressed with the amount of students that came out,” Buddle said. “It’s a very different and ideal field to work for government and nonprofit. It’s very selfless.”

Several Rowan students were out at the event as well. Ray Phillipp, a junior law and justice major was there looking for a career. Philipp said that if he had his choice, there was one particular thing he wanted to do.

“I’d love to work with kids, and just try to make a difference,” Philipp said. “Try to help as many people as I can.”

The next major career fair will be in the spring semester on Feb. 21. It will feature over 160 employers and be held in the Esby Gymnasium.

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