SGA discusses bylaw changes, appoints new commission members

Dean Jones speaks at a meeting of the Rowan SGA. -Staff Photo/Jaryd Leady

The Rowan Student Government Association (SGA) met on Monday, Oct. 16, with a large agenda on their hands.

The biggest thing discussed at the meeting were two potential bylaw changes to the Club Accountability Policy and Club Charters. The main issue discussed was standardizing and streamlining the language in the bylaws about service hours. It also allowed for donations and food drives to count towards service hours, which they had not before.

All members of the E-board had to excuse themselves for the duration of the vote because of a potential conflict of interest posed by the measure. This left Rbrey Singleton, Student Trustee in charge of the debating process. When the floor was opened for discussion, there was conversation voicing concerns about the changes made to the Club Accountability Policy.

Senators from different organizations were asking for clarification on the changes made and Matt Kyle, AVP of Club Development, was brought back in to clear up the confusion.

“I wanted to just clarify that for everyone I’m not trying to pull something on them,” Kyle said. “I just want to make it easier, I was adding more options to accumulate service hours and a simpler way for them to reach their goal.”

Due to the confusion, the Club Accountability Policy bylaw changes were tabled until the next meeting.

On the other hand, the Club Charter bylaw changes were instantly approved. Changes included alterations to the wording, making the information easier to comprehend. They also lessen the penalties for strikes.

Speaking about the debate that ensued during the meeting, Singleton said that it seemed to be a matter of how much was discussed that lead to the long debate and tabling of the first motion.

“I don’t think it was as much confusion as it was people being overwhelmed. There was a lot of information being thrown at the senators [tonight],” Singleton said. “It just shows how much the senate is invested in making great rules for our students.”

Another item on the docket included electing two students to new positions. Darkshak Rana was approved to work with the Schools of Earth and Environment, and Eric Mann was picked to join the College of Communication and Creative Arts and College of Humanities and Social Sciences. However, neither person was in attendance at the meeting when called, so the election was postponed to the following meeting.

Lastly, four positions were appointed aboard the commission of community standards. Rowan students Kyle England, Tim Alicea, Shayne Krywy and Briana Torres received the positions.

Speaking after the meeting, Student Commissioner of Community Standards Michael Webster said that the four new members of the commission had a simple task to accomplish while in their positions.

“What the commission does is deem whether the grievance is valid or not valid,” Webster said. “So if it is something that [was] actually violated in a governing document maybe even a school policy and then format that they investigate it and create a decision or report that outlines what they concluded.”

The next SGA meeting will be on Oct. 30 at 7 p.m.

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