PROFhistoric Homecoming: Students sink or swim at annual battleship competition

Teams compete at the 2017 Battleship competition during Homecoming. -Assistant Photo Editor Miguel Martinez

Homecoming took a dip in the deep end, at the battleship competition on Wednesday, Oct. 11, taking over the Recreation Center pool in the process.

Teams of four took to canoes in the water, with one person rowing, one person shooting water and two people with buckets, trying to dump water in the other canoes.

There were five rounds, or as the battleship competition calls it, heats, with the winner advancing to the championship. There was a wild card team, who surpassed second place and gained a spot in the finals.

Some teams were out there for fun, but other teams had different views. Kristin Armstead, junior and Lex Walker, a senior representing the women’s rugby team was in it for more.

“We like to win, so winning. No doubt,” Walker said.

“We are making sure that our team is winning because we know our team will do really well,” Armstead said.

But the team representing the Delta house had a strong desire to win. The team made up of, senior roommates Mario DiSanto, Jim Murphy, Kyle Ailara and Jeremy Moles. They took home the championship getting intramural champ t-shirts and an enormous Nerf gun to bring to their house.

Immediately after winning, the crowd erupted in a roar of cheers as the Delta team had leaped out of the water in joy seeping in every moment of their last Homecoming battleship competition.

“I mean this is our last year at Rowan it was a pretty good capstone to it. It was our fourth year competing so good ending,” said the team in a collective statement.

The key to victory for them was stability and a plan, specializing goals for each person.

“Well I’m usually the one who does the bucket throwing because we didn’t want too many people throwing the buckets,” Moles said.

The team advised future team members taking on Battleship to just have a good time.

All teams in the finals walked out with a prize from the “dino-dig sand box.”

Homecoming will still continue in the coming week into the weekend, which includes a lip-sync battle.

Junior theatre major Emily DeSimone, representing Alpha Sigma Alpha believes Homecoming is more than just fun.

“I think it’s a really great way to bring organizations together and compete together,” DeSimone said.

More events are coming in the next few days. Homecoming wraps up on Sunday, Oct. 15.

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