Commuter Life: I’m only certain I know nothing

- Courtesy of Flickr user Aaron Hawkins.

I used to be so excited about graduating college but the closer it gets, the scarier it seems and the more unsure I am.

I’m getting asked more frequently, “What are you doing after graduation?” Most of the time, I do not answer, but occasionally I’ll drum up something like, “I really enjoy magazine writing so maybe something having to do with that.” In reality, it’s whatever my first thought is in the moment.

The more and more I think about the question, the more questions I ask myself, “What type of job do I really want? Will an employer see me as a potential valuable asset to their company?”

No matter how many questions I ask, my answer stays the same. It’ll all work out. It’s simple, I believe in myself enough to know that I will end up somewhere I belong with a job that I love, as long as I’m writing. 

I also know I can’t be the only senior at Rowan that doesn’t know the ideal job I want after graduation. Getting a career takes time — for some.

The more and more I rack my brain about my future, I remember the way things are changing. Millennials are creating a new form of what having a career means. They aren’t what they used to be 20 years ago. According to The Atlantic, millennials care more about the fulfillment a career gives them than the money it produces. Nothing is definite in the working world I will be thrown into, and that settles fine with me.  

I’m going through the motions and keeping as busy as I should between classes, an internship, a job and extracurriculars. The activities I’m involved in give comfort to the scary work world we’re all about to be a part of. Being involved keeps my hopes high for what might be staring back at me by the end of the spring semester.  

There are ways to make the process a lot easier on landing a career you’re passionate about. Always keep in touch with supervisors from internships. More importantly, network during these internships. Your supervisor can refer you to a current job opening within or outside of the company. Keep your resume updated and formulate it to showcase your best skills and experience. Also, always be the best possible version of yourself in an interview. Dress to impress and exude confidence in what you love to do.

So, if you’re out there struggling with your mind about the career you must have when you get out, take a step back and have enough faith in your skills that any company would be lucky to have. As long as you’re working hard to be the best possible asset to a company, not sitting around waiting for an opportunity to grab you, something will cross your path.

We’re all runners in this race of life. Some people will intently scour for the finish line and others will enjoy the scenery.

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