Rowan University Concert Band and Atlantic Brass Band join forces for back to back performances

Rowan University Concert Band conductor Joseph Higgins conducts his band during the "Autumn Skies" concert. -Photo Editor/Nicole Mingo

Those that attended Pfleeger Concert Hall last Thursday for the “Autumn Skies” concert were treated to a pair of performances from two bands: the Rowan University Concert Band and the Atlantic Brass Band.

The songs played included “Flourish to the Wind,” “Lightning Field,” “An Introduction to the Moon,” “Lake of Serenity – The Swan” and a variety of others.

“Introduction to the Moon” proved to be a particular highlight of the show, beginning with the lyrics of “Blue Moon” and interspersed with lines of poetry.

Audience member Nick Lloyd, a freshman mechanical engineering major, appreciated the inclusion of lyrics from the standard ballad.

“I loved the opening with the reference to ‘Blue Moon,’” Lloyd said.

For Austin Beaulieu, a junior instrumental music education major who plays tuba in the concert band, everything went flawlessly.

He also commented on “Introduction to the Moon” and its dynamic nature.

“[The piece] by Libby Larsen was interesting, as it was always a little different every time we played it,” Beaulieu said.

Presiding over the second half of the concert was conductor Salvatore Scarpa of the Atlantic Brass Band.

The Atlantic Brass Band performed “Sea of Vapours,” “The Spaceman,” “Lake of Serenity – The Swan,” Ocean of Storms” and more.

Conductor Salvatore Scarpa and the Atlantic Brass Band perform during the second half of the concert. -Photo Editor/Nicole Mingo

During the performance of “Lake of Serenity – The Swan,” a group of performers surrounded a table filled with handbells and played pranks on each other for musical dominance as part of the performance.

“’Lake of Serenity’ was comedic when they played with the handbells,” Lloyd added.

Multiple rounds of applause were heard throughout the concert.

The conductor of the Rowan University Concert Band, Joseph Higgins, was pleased with the reactions of the crowd.

The crowd was wonderful and engaged,” Higgins said. I was thrilled to see so many visitors who were attending a concert in Pfleeger Concert Hall for the very first time. We hope they will be back!

For those who missed this concert, Rowan Wind Ensemble’s performance, “Philadelphia Voices” will be taking place on Oct. 28, another concert featuring two musical groups paired together for a single performance.

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