#RoGlow2017 features Jay Sean and lots of paint

Smoke sprays from the stage as the audience moves to the music. - Photo Editor/Nicole Mingo

Color Me Rowan Weekend 2017 culminated in Rowan students with ringing ears and paint-splattered clothes inside of the South Jersey Technology Park.

This, of course, was the yearly paint party event, RoGlow, hosted by the Student University Programmers (SUP). The performer at the event was British singer and songwriter Jay Sean, whose 2009 hit “Down” reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

Shuttles brought students out to the Technology Park. Most students sported Color Me Rowan Weekend shirts, which were given out with the purchase of a RoGlow ticket.

Freshman chemical engineering major Marissa Martine expressed what she was most excited for before the event got underway.

“Probably getting the paint splattered all over me,” she said. “I hear that’s a lot of fun.”

Concerning Jay Sean, Martine wasn’t all too familiar with his discography.

“I know he sings “Down,” but that’s about it,” Martine said.

DJ’s took to the stage before Jay Sean’s performance, as did members of SUP, who held paint cannons. Additionally, more SUP members stood on platforms to the sides of the audience. From these positions, audience members were doused with colorful paint throughout the night, turning many of the white shirts vibrant shades of pink, orange or blue.

Jay Sean took the stage to much fanfare from the colored audience. Performing many newer songs from his discography, as well as his hit “Down,” which was met with great excitement and echoed lyrics.

“Jay Sean brought back good old middle school memories,” freshman biology major Tugce Cakir said. “Everyone had fun with their friends, even though the paint smelled weird.”

Director of live events for SUP Devon Dyer played a large role in organizing RoGlow and was pleased with how the night turned out.

“From what I could see, everyone in the crowd was enjoying themselves and had a great time,” Dyer said. “Everyone who came had a blast and really loved Jay Sean’s performance and when he sprayed paint at the end. He really got the crowd hyped up.”

The final scene of Color Me Rowan Weekend 2017 saw students returning to campus on the shuttles, covered in paint after a long night of music and colorful fun.

Additional reporting by Morgan Fell.

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