Andujar: Just use the Writing Center

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I’m not a best-selling author and the thought of becoming one appeals to me greatly; however, I’m not J.K. and you want to know something? That’s okay. I love to write and as a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure it’s part of my DNA. Ever since I could remember, I was writing. I wrote during lunch at school, I wrote in my room on the weekends just for fun, I wrote while brushing my teeth…totally kidding. I just naturally assumed that everyone else liked it as much as I did. It wasn’t until I got to college when I heard someone say, “I hate writing.” My mind couldn’t comprehend this statement. Surely it was a joke. The sentiment was backed up by other students and they almost sounded like a bunch of mobsters. “Yeah, I hate writing too,” and “Writing can sleep with the fishes.” I was suddenly in some kind of dream sequence designed by Salvador Dali. This couldn’t be true; but it was and more importantly, it is.

Not everyone likes writing and everyone doesn’t have to, but in school, it has to be done. So if you need help and you’ve been tasked with writing a five page paper on the history of avocados, where do you go? Well, there’s a Writing Center located in the first floor of the Campbell Library on the main campus. The tutors there are ready to help you on your guacamole journey!

My professor sent me there for the experience and I honestly thought I’d get that I’m-better-than-you attitude, but it was nothing like that. I realized that she really wanted to help and gave me suggestions. She never took my paper to correct grammar and as a matter of fact, we never spoke about editing! It was all in the planning. Together, we were the 300 Spartans. 

Okay, so it wasn’t all that dramatic, but it really was helpful and the tutor I signed up with wasn’t even in my major! No matter your class subject: education, biology, business, etc., the Writing Center can help you because the focus isn’t on the content, but the writing as a whole and, most importantly, you! Quoting Aibileen from “The Help,” “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” And you is! Er, you are!

It doesn’t even have to be just you. If you and a classmate need help on that impossible 12 page essay about outwitting squirrels during a quantum entanglement in the 19th century during the Pastry Wars, make an appointment together. The tutor won’t have all the answers, but everyone can come up with some way to organize thoughts and set a plan in motion. No matter what stage of writing you’re in; first draft, brainstorm, finished, it’s worth a look. It may seem overwhelming to handle a paper when writing isn’t your thing, but it’s comforting to know that you’re not alone. Visit for more information and let the fishes sleep peacefully.

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