These students are trying to spruce up Rowan’s community garden


Forget the Marketplace. Rowan students are now able to grow their vegetables themselves.

In the student community garden found between Magnolia Hall and Edgewood Park apartments, a group of students from the Rowan Environmental Action League and the U.S. Green Building Council tend to the flower beds.

The students are in the process of growing vegetables such as peas, cabbages and turnips, and have already started growing sunflowers off to the side of the beds.

Erin MacMahon, a senior biology and environmental science major and organizer for the Rowan Environmental Action League, said they eventually want to have students plant and grow their own cool weather crops to share with the rest of the community.

(From left to right) Sophomore chemical engineering major Caleb Milller and freshman mechanical engineering major Ben Chan make holes in the soil to plant pea seeds in one of the flower beds at the community garden. Staff Photo/ Justin Decker

This past weekend they planted green peas.

“We ask that people contribute to the garden [before they pick food],” MacMahon said. “We put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into the garden, so we do ask that people help out.”

The group also has harvest days where they gather all the crops produced by the garden.

“Over the summer, one day we picked all the carrots we had, and whatever no one wanted, we donated to a local food bank,” said Cali Janulis, a senior biology major. “It’s really a community because people want to help out.”

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