Find out what’s inside Glassboro’s Escape Room South Jersey

Photo by Cole Ditzel.

Inside of Ben Franklin’s workshop, the furnace is set to blow. The only way to stop it is to solve a series of riddles. There are 59 minutes left. It is up to you.

This sounds like the introduction to a physical adventure game you might find in Disney World, thankfully it’s not nearly as far away as Florida is.

Between Chickie’s and Pete’s and Tony Luke’s on Rowan Boulevard, the Escape Room South Jersey offers people the chance to test their wit in three different puzzle rooms themed after the American Revolution, a cabin haunted by the Jersey Devil and an eerily decorated living room, the “Upside Down,” reminiscent of the popular Netflix show, Stranger Things. Another room themed after a police station is set to open later this year.

A grandfather clock in “the Cabin of the Jersey Devil” at Escape Room South Jersey. Photo by Cole Ditzel.

“We like making our rooms era specific,” said Jake Matthews, co-owner of Escape Room South Jersey. “We want people to feel like they’re in their own movie.”

Guests going through the rooms only have an hour to solve the puzzles and can ask for help in the form of hints to the puzzles along the way, should they get stumped. Players are also allowed to leave the room at any time if they being to feel claustrophobic. Groups of four to 10 players are recommended, though the minimum number of people required to complete a room is two.

Inside “Ben Franklin’s workshop” at Escape Room South Jersey. Photo by Cole Ditzel.

“Every single one of our rooms has a surprise you don’t see coming,” said Matthew Karna, a host at the entertainment operation. “It opens your mind connects you to the people you’re with.”

Each room costs $25 per person Sunday through Thursday and $28 per person Friday through Saturday. The rooms are closed on Monday and Tuesday.

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