Andujar: A conversation about pizza

Andujar: Let's talk about pizza. (Photo from

I think it’s time we had a conversation about pizza. Let’s face it, pizza is just delicious! I don’t want to hear, “It depends who makes it,” or, “Eh, it’s just not my thang.” No, it is your thang. It puts the pang in your thang! Pizza rules the world. “Oh yeah?” you ask. “When did that memo come out?” Well, hello there friend, welcome to your memo.

The history of pizza is rather brilliant. Someone actually decided that bread and cheese baked in the oven was delicious. Then the other someone decided to throw toppings on it and bake that too and what do you know? Deliciousness is created! Here’s the most brilliant part: it’s the perfect food for solo streaming binge nights. That’s right, one person can consume an entire box. I’ve had personal experience with this fact and it’s one of the best parts of life. I can start an episode of “Rick Steves Europe,” sit back, and let the pizza gorging commence. What’s even better? If there happens to be leftovers, then guess what I’m having for breakfast?

You guessed it! Semi-cold pizza. I’m so hungry in the morning that I only throw the slice in the microwave for a few seconds and then it’s so on. I just open the microwave, grab the pizza and proclaim, “They may take our lives, but they may never take…our freedom!” It’s like, so totally the raddest and hippest food that’s been around for years.

In the years since its release into the world, there have been varieties of flavors and toppings. People add meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and yes, Nutella! I think I need to take a moment to share my once dangerous obsession with Nutella and that will be for another day, but yes really, it can be added to pizza! My favorite, however, is a white, garlic pie with loads of veggies. You read right, I said ‘pie.’ Pizza has its own slang, ya’ll! Doesn’t that convince you that pizza just plain rules?

Oh, I get it. Yes, I agree. There is one fatal flaw with pizza and I’ll concede, I mean you’re right. Wrong! That was a trick! There is nothing wrong with pizza! I’m just sayin’ though, you can put cheese in the crust! In. The. Crust. And did you know that it comes in different shapes?

I love the triangle more than anyone else, but you can eat a pizza that’s shaped like a heart. Can that really be done with any other food? Of course the answer is no. Even if you say something logical I’m going to disagree because pizza is the best! I suggest typing “different shapes of pizza” in your next search engine run. You’re welcome in advance. You can call me cheesy all you want. Ha! Get it? Because I said chee…well, no matter what the consensus is, I know what my lunch is tomorrow.

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