Son of gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy talks campaign at Rowan


A group of Rowan University students met with Josh Murphy, the son of New Jersey Democrat Phil Murphy, this past week to discuss his father’s campaign for governor.

At the meeting on Wednesday, Josh Murphy talked about his father’s stances on legalizing marijuana, rebuilding urban areas and other business involved with the campaign.

“For me it’s kind of just about people getting to know my dad and what he stands for,” he said.

Josh Murphy met with the group “Rowan for Phil Murphy,” which provided an opportunity for the university students to ask questions about the campaign. These were answered by Josh Murphy as well as Derek Roseman, his father’s campaign communications director.

Josh Murphy began the meeting with a speech about his father, including a story of his family’s annual football game. He also spoke about his father’s life growing up as well as his progressive policies.

“I think he has an extremely progressive campaign,” Josh Murphy said. “We need a progressive leader like my dad.”

Field coordinator for “Rowan for Phil Murphy,” Nick Brago, was actively involved in the discussion. Brago, a sophomore law and justice major, said he has been supporting Phil Murphy’s campaign after deciding that his policies would work well for the state.

Brago and others from “Rowan for Phil Murphy” talk to students around campus to get their opinions and introduce them to what the candidate can do for New Jersey. The group believes there is a lot of opportunity for students to get involved in the political process, which Brago says has always been a problem for millennials.

“We’ve had success introducing him, getting people involved in the political process, so I think that there is a lot of opportunity for people to really understand what Phil Murphy can do for this state,” Brago said.

During the meeting, Roseman explained to the students that their support for Phil Murphy is an important part of the campaign.

“This campaign is nothing without you guys,” Roseman said. “You guys are an incredibly vital and important part of that.”

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