SGA elects new student trustees


The Rowan University Student Government Association (SGA) began the process of filling out the rest of its executive board Monday night in Pfleeger Hall. After electing several of the main positions a few weeks back, attention turned to filling the position of alternate student trustee.

With student trustee Melissa Shore graduating at the end of the semester, alternate student trustee Rbrey Singleton is stepping into her role, vacating his current post in the process.

At the end of the meeting, current AVP of Club Development sophomore History and Africana Studies dual major, Riley Shea was announced as the next alternate student trustee.

The candidates for the open position were Shea, Aleeyah Oliphant, Marcel Briguglio, Michael Viola and Michael Webster. Each candidate was given two to three minutes to speak, then would answer questions from the assembled senators. Each candidate was asked the same questions.

Following that, all the candidates left the auditorium, and the remaining senators had discussion before a balloted vote.

After the meeting, Shea said that he was looking forward to going from a role on the SGA executive board to more of an administrative position.

“In my previous year, most of my experience was on a very intimate level with individual students,” he said. “I was able to really have a good, close relationship with a lot of people, and now I’m excited to sort of transform that role and represent all of the students that I’ve come to know on the administrative level.”

Shea added that his biggest priority as the new alternate student trustee is to ensure that all students on campus are represented.

“I would really like to sort of challenge the notion that diversity is limited to the idea of inclusion,” he said.

Also during the meeting was an announcement regarding the deadline to sign up for Back to the Boro, a day dedicated to community outreach and service, as an individual or group. Anyone wishing to participate would need to register on Proflink by April 9 at 11:45 pm.

There were also three new clubs granted petitioning status at Monday’s meeting: the animation club, the chess club and RU Longboarding.

RU Longboarding club member Josh Boyle said that he is excited to get his club involved with Rowan’s community.

“I really appreciate everybody coming together and helping us move forward with this club,” said Boyle, a junior mechanical engineer. “I’m really looking forward to working with the university, and help integrate the campus. Really bring a community that was never brought together into one place.”

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