Yobb: Your political party does not define you – or your friends


This is an installment of Chris Yobb’s weekly column “My Two Cents.”

Ever since the 2016 election cycle started, I have been following politics heavily. To be honest, it was hard not to.

Everyday something new was happening, whether it was a controversy or a shocking announcement. Watching Donald Trump take the leap from businessman/TV personality to a political fixture was fascinating. What was even more entertaining was how he dismantled the experienced politicians who were running against him.

On the left, Bernie Sanders’ movement was not to be ignored. The way he brought people together was admirable and very fun to watch. And then there was the demise of Hillary Clinton, which was unexpected to say the least.
During all of this, it was difficult to not tune into CNN at least once a day. I was addicted to the election; it was a car crash that I just could not turn away from. However, lately politics are something that I wish would just go away.
I have come to the realization that in politics, no one wins. Among citizens, politics tears friendships apart, and in Washington, the game of politics causes divide. Instead of trying to help the citizens of the United States, Republicans and Democrats alike go out of their way to attack the other party.

To many, the word “politician” has become synonymous with the word “liar.” You cannot tell me that Republicans and Democrats truly believe in the all of the principles that their party believes in. There is just no way. However, they make you believe that they do, that way they gain support from their party (which is the only way to make it in politics).
All this past election has accomplished was tearing the citizens of America apart. It has divided the country like it never has been before. Donald Trump won the election however, somewhere along the way America was lost. Never in the history of this country has one person ever defined who we are as a nation.

Whether you support Trump or not, he is not the deciding factor of who you are as an individual. If you support him, be humble. If you do not, do not be bitter. Lashing out on your fellow citizens is not the answer. Neither is boasting and bragging about the outcome of the election.
Your political party does not determine who you are as a person. I think that some people have forgotten that. Some of my closest friends and family have opposing political views to mine, and I do not think of them any less because of it. When it comes to having political views, no one is right. At then end of the day, it is just an opinion, and you should not fault others for not having the same opinion as you.
If you, too, got caught up in politics I urge you to take a break as well. I am not advocating for you to ignore totally what is going on, but a break from it all can really help your mental health.

As Americans, we need to remember that we are all in this together. The fighting over different views needs to stop. Respect others’ opinions because they have the right to have one. Let’s start treating each other as friends and not foes; because no matter what party you affiliate yourself with, we all salute the same flag.

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