Rowan student group works to grow relationship between the university and Pitman

Rowan's Economic Restructuring Committee of Pitman is a new group on campus looking to give back the town of Pitman. -Staff Photo/Andrew Turco

Rowan University students involved in the Economic Restructuring Committee of Pitman discussed plans during their Tuesday meeting that can make the borough an entertainment hub for future students of the university.

The committee serves to aid in the growth of Pitman’s “small-town feel” with its locally-owned restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops. The borough has the potential to be the next premier downtown spot for Rowan students, being only a seven-minute drive from campus, according to the committee.

“If we can figure out how to tap into Rowan now, we can keep people local, we can keep students local, so when we graduate we’re giving back into this local economy,” said junior accounting and finance major Samantha Dominy, a member of the committee.

During the meeting, members shared ideas that would hopefully establish ways Rowan students and Pitman can thrive off of one other.

The group works as a subcommittee within Pitman’s main Economic Development Committee. Many of their responsibilities include communications and marketing to local and surrounding businesses to establish a profitable town.

“It’s a lot of collaboration, we bounce ideas off of each other, and then we delegate tasks and meet up again to talk about our progress and ideas,” said senior economics major Sarah McCullough.

Daniel Shriver, chairman of the Economic Restructuring Committee and a junior economics major, will present the group ideas to the main committee for approval.

According to Dominy, the most pressing goal for the committee is to have Rowan’s shuttle service transport students to and from Pitman, allowing students a reason to experience the borough.

Committee members also would like to see Pitman host major events.

“We want [Pitman] to become a ‘to-go’ place, whether for nightlife or for a nice day out to go walk,” said junior marketing major and fellow member Magda Dworzycki.

One specific event is a food truck festival, which the committee hopes will attract students to Pitman and will also promote local businesses.

“There are a lot of cool things there,” Dworzycki said. “I feel like just the people at Rowan need to know about it, especially the breweries and the oven pizza place.”

The town’s distance from campus, just beyond easy walking distance could be the reason for its unfamiliarity among students. However, the committee feels that the peripheral location from campus serves as an advantage for Pitman.

“Once students know about the town, there would be so much advantage for being close but not in the college town,” McCullough said.

Members discussed plans to connect with Rowan’s social media, and in the future want Uber to provide discounts for students who use it to go to the neighboring borough.

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