Students explore different cultures at ‘RAH Around the World’


Cultural crafts, performances and food tastings were just some of the sights and sounds in the Student Center Pit Thursday.

Rowan After Hours (RAH) held its second annual “RAH Around the World” night, which featured three performances by cultural groups and showcased roughly a dozen cultural student organizations. More than 300 students attended the event, according to RAH Graduate Coordinator Emily Kauffman.

Kauffman said that the event got its start last year when RAH wanted to engage in a culture-related night. RAH partnered with Education Abroad in order to strengthen the event, she said.

The Rowan University South Asian Dance and Culture Group, for example, hoped to educate students on campus about the unique offerings of the club through south Asian trivia and henna tattoos provided by members of the club. Their club members were decked out in Salwar, which is traditional south Asian clothing.

“We’re a different kind of club on campus, and I hope people see that tonight and perhaps some people join,” said South Asian Dance and Culture Group member Vinita Manda, a sophomore biology major.

The Japanese Culture Group gave students Japanese candy if they participated in a game of Dance Dance Revolution.

“It was hard to find games directly Japanese related, so we’re giving away Japanese candy as a prize,” said club President Drew Skiba, a sophomore chemical engineering major. “If people leave with just a little more interest in Japanese culture, then I’ll be satisfied.”

Students were also able to enjoy making Japanese lanterns and dream catchers.

Performances by Irish Blessing, an Irish singing group; Lion Dancing, an Asian cultural group; and RU Pack, a Filipino group, also took place in the pit.

Madelyn Kane, a freshman advertising major, called the cultural events “neat.”

Although Allison Gilbert initially attended because she always comes to RAH, the sophomore math education major said she enjoyed her time at the event.

“I was excited to experience different cultural things while having a fun time,” she said.

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