Letter to the Editor: ‘I was proud of President Houshmand’s statement’


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I am responding to the [editorial board’s] criticism of the president’s statement concerning President Trump’s ban on immigration for anyone from seven primarily Muslim countries.

The [editorial board] felt that in speaking for the university, President Houshmand excluded members of the community who supported the ban. Though I can understand their discomfort, I would like these students to imagine the feelings of exclusion experienced by students or faculty, part of the Rowan community, singled out by this ban, through no actions of their own.

I was proud of President Houshmand’s statement.  In the context of our community, he needed to reach out to foreign students who might feel vulnerable or unwelcome. I can imagine the feelings of students targeted by the ban, had he been silent.

The President’s statement speaks for me. I welcome our students from these countries and other foreign countries who contribute so much to our Rowan community.


Janet Fishman

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