SGA senate approves funding for new university statue project and resource center


The SGA senate approved a budget to commission a new university statue and more funding for the developing Campus Resource Center during its second meeting of the semester in Pfleeger Hall. Several other issues on the agenda were also addressed during the evening.

During the new business proposals, SGA President Dan Cardona and Student Trustee Melissa Shore presented their idea for a new sculpture project for the university. The planned “Prof Wings” sculpture was described as a Prof owl with its wings spread out so if potential students were to stand in front of sculpture’s torso to take a photo they would appear to have wings.

The idea for the sculpture was inspired by art from Jorge Marìn, according to Cardona. He hopes that it will create a tradition for students to take their photo with the statue which is planned to be placed near the clock tower behind Savitz Hall.

“The most important thing that I was thinking about was implementing a tradition on campus that covers all bases,” said Cardona. “This covers every Rowan University prof, past, present and future.”

After a vote by the SGA senate, funding of $150,000 was approved for the project.

Alternate Student Trustee Rbrey Singleton, also proposed additional funding for the new campus resource center.

“This money is going to help the campus resource center get up and running,” Singleton said. “It’s going to purchase the initial batch of feminine hygiene products toiletries and non-perishable goods. It’s going to pay for most of the marketing. We plan on buying lots of t-shirts, lots of stationaries and lots of little knick-knacks to be given out and just raise awareness about food insecurity on campus.”

During the presentation, several attendees raised concerns about students abusing the system.

Singleton responded by stating that there will be a safeguard to prevent students taking more than they need from the center.

“The case manager that will be in the center, if they see a habitual person coming in and constantly getting these large quantities of food they may intervene and try to connect the student with other resources,” he said.

After other questions about the center were addressed, the funding was also approved.

Also during the meeting, guest speaker Scott Woodside encouraged students to get free flu vaccinations at the Wellness Center as soon as possible, if they have not already done so.

Closing the meeting’s agenda was the petitioning of four new organizations. Premedical Honor Society, Alpha Epsilon Delta, a new student music club, the Rowan Alternative Club and general honor society Phi Sigma Pi, were all approved for petitioning from SGA.

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