Rowan students head outside to enjoy early spring weather in February


It was a summer’s day tucked in winter’s back pocket. What should’ve been a brisk day of 40-degree weather turned out to be unexpectedly warm, hitting a high of 70 for residents of Glassboro and Rowan University.

People across Rowan’s campus were seen laying outdoors, participating in volleyball, skateboarding and playing music outside, as well as other various outdoor activities from Wednesday into the weekend. According to several weather sources, the warm climate is supposed to continue until Sunday, which will see the temperature drop back down to about 45 degrees.

One student offered his thoughts on the weather, saying he would try to make the most of the day.

“It’s really warm out,” said junior computer science major John Kapoian. “[It] definitely makes walking to class a lot better.”

However, Kapoian was somewhat weary that the uncanny heat was due to climate change and shared his predictions for what summer’s weather may bring.

“I definitely think [climate change] has a play in it,” he said. “I was actually just thinking about that on my walk back, how this summer, I’m kind of nervous how it’s going to be stupid hot. Just crazy hot.”

Though similar sentiments were shared, it did not stop people from making the most of their days.

Several residents of Glassboro and the surrounding towns came out to enjoy the weather as well. Jordan Maoroales, 19, from Mullica Hill came to Rowan to play some basketball on the courts near Willow Hall. He said he came to Rowan to meet new people and have some fun playing games.

“Man, it’s beautiful,” Morales said. “You know it was cold and it can get frustrating, so the first opportunity to get outside and have fun, I mean there’s no other choice, really. [We’re] just playing some basketball. Getting competitive, meeting some people, making some friends. I mean, that’s what it’s all about.”

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