Rowan students share tips for getting to class in winter weather


On Thursday morning, a light layer of snow covered the Rowan campus after temperatures dropped from spring-esque warmth to below freezing. The hyped storm was expected to have between four to eight inches of snow, causing schools in the Glassboro area to close.

Rowan decided to stay open, and while snow was hardly an issue on campus, the wind gusts made it feel even colder than it was. However, several Profs found a way to stay warm and dry throughout the day.

I asked Rowan students for tips on how to battle the cold while getting to class.

“I try to walk through as many buildings as I can.” – sophomore biology major Austin Jeffcoat, on walking to classes across campus

“Have an extra pair of socks, especially when it rains so you don’t sit in a wet pair all of class.” – sophomore marketing major Samantha Burke

 “Always keep a pair of gloves and a hat with you on hand for an unexpected turn in the weather.” – sophomore psychology major Haley Mohrman

“Try to find a ride from a friend, or drive to class and hope there’s a close spot.” – junior biology major Justin Natiello, who lives off campus

“Bundle up as much as possible, and take a bike or a long board to class.” – junior biology major Steve Gilliss

Keep a bike seat dry by tying a plastic bag over it. – Staff photo/Danielle LaSassa

If you have a bike: “Wrap the bike seat with a plastic bag while you’re in class for it to stay dry.” – junior health and exercise science major Tyler Diaz

“Check the weather before you leave, and figure out the fastest route to get to your class. Wear the right shoes.” – sophomore civil engineering major John Simmons

“Be prepared, and always check on the weather before class to dress appropriately for any weather expected.” – junior music major Orlando Rivera

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