Look, here’s the lowdown: We found 24 of Glassboro’s finest – dining spots, that is – caught in a bit of a rut.

A pickle, if you will.

See, only a select few of them can trek into the dark underbelly of the borough, the world of Munch Madness. It’s a place so crooked and bleak, where the hungry can never be too particular about what satisfies their appetites. Yet its pull is alluring, like a fresh pie on the windowsill of an irritable neighbor.

But which of the restaurant rogues before us will be lucky is a fool’s guess. There are some on the sweet side, others a little less so. Italians, Asians, Greeks, Americans; you name it.

They’re all in for the big prize: sitting smack dab in the middle of what’s great and what’s tasty on the local scene.

But first, they need to make it in the door.

This is where you come in, stranger. Lend us a hand in beginning to crack the riddle of who’s top dog by picking your favorite 16 players. And don’t let any strong-arming or backroom dealing influence you. We’re not gonna stand for any fowl play.

Now get out of here. It’s best for us both that we’re not seen talking.

CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR UP TO 16 GLASSBORO EATIERIES. The top 16 will face off in Round 1 of Munch Madness next week. Stay tuned to for updated brackets.

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