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One month into 2017 and I have officially found the craziest, most laughable story of the year—Calexit. Named after Brexit, Calexit is built upon the same premise of leaving their respectful union. Now just a disclaimer, I would assume not all residents of California are behind this movement, however for the sake of simplicity, I will be using “Californians” when referring to those who do.

So go ahead and cue the sad music—Californians have gotten their feelings hurt after things haven’t gone their way. While many people across the nation have taken to the streets to protest President Donald Trump, some Californians are taking it one crazy step forward with pushing their ridiculous agenda to leave the United States of America and become their own independent country.

The idea behind Calexit actually originated in 2015, and the people behind the movement were not originally trying to secede because of President Trump’s election. The original movement was created because Calexit’s founder, Marcus Ruiz Evans, believed “California and America are different cultures,” according to the New York Daily News. Going off the asinine ideology that if you are culturally different you should become your own country, I could break America into thousands of different countries. I guess Mr. Evans forgot that he was living in the melting pot of the world and that cultures change from house-to-house, let alone state-to-state.

Aside from the horrors of being culturally different than the rest of the country, Trump was elected president and the people of California just could not take any more heartbreak. After Trump’s victory, Evans went on to say, according to the same article, “There is a subset of people here, mostly from the privileged classes, who feel sullied by their political affiliation with Red America.”

Cry me a river, Marcus. According to him, all the people who voted for Trump don’t hold any of the same values that Californians do. When speaking about the political right he says things such as, “They don’t believe in women’s rights.” Uh, hey Marcus… Donald Trump received 42 percent of the women’s vote. This number is underwhelming compared to the 52 percent of women that voted for Hillary Clinton, but that being said, it is inappropriate and foolish to make the assumption that all people who voted for Trump don’t believe in things such as women’s rights, thus discrediting his ideology completely.

The Calexit movement in California is actually gaining a lot of support, which is unsurprising considering it is a notoriously blue state. However, the support is baffling. I understand that people may be upset after a big defeat, but going as far as wanting to leave the United States, essentially just because you did not get your way, is grossly absurd. Someone just hand these people a participation trophy so they can get on with their lives.

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  1. Please do you best to write these stories like college educated adult. The name calling and the need to include adjectives such as “crazy”, “ridiculous”, and “asinine” made it very difficult to take into account any valid evidence you may have brought forward. Any “crazy”, “ridiculous” , or “asinine” things should be self evident. It’s an insult to your readers to include these descriptors as if they couldn’t formulate their own thoughts on the subjects you wrote about.