Rowan’s annual Winter Ball returns for a Masquerade in Venice


Students will be dressed in mystique in the Chamberlain Student Center’s Eynon Ballroom for the Student University Programmers’ (SUP) 12th annual Winter Ball.

The ballroom will also be in disguise, as the theme for this year draws inspiration from Italy’s own city of masks, according to the SUP event calendar. Students are encouraged to dress up and bring their own Venetian style masks on Feb. 18 for a night featuring a photo backdrop opportunity, appetizers and a cocktail hour all before a semi-formal dinner and dance featuring a DJ.

A live band called the Kaleidoscope Trio will also perform during the night outside of the dance floor during the cocktail hour. The band also features Kait Wyatt, a Rowan alumnae who will lend her voice to the rest of the musical group, according to SUP Graduate Coordinator Rebecca Spinks.

Per tradition, the night will also feature a classy casino night held simultaneously with the ball in the pit downstairs. The casino night event will be open to all students, though attendees dressed in semi-formal attire will receive extra playing chips for the various games throughout the evening.

“Masquerade” is not a new theme to the Winter Ball, although it will be new to all attendees this year.

“So when you are coming up with winter ball themes in my position any theme done within the last four years is automatically off the table,” SUP Director of Special Events Vincent Colantuoni said. “Because we don’t want students who are seniors going to a winter ball that has the same theme as when they were a freshman.”

SUP will not be providing masks.

“We are asking students to bring their own masks this year,” he said. “That way we get a bit more of a diverse set of masks than we would if we supplied them.”

Tickets for the Winter Ball went on sale Jan. 27, at 2 p.m. and can be purchased at the information desk in the Student Center. Tickets are $15.

For students looking to bring a date with him or her, one Rowan ID can be used to buy a maximum of two tickets. If students would like to bring a non Rowan student to the dance, the guest must be at least 18 years old and must have a valid photo ID with them.

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