Rowan gathers students to address shuttle issues


The Rowan Office of Business Management hosted a meeting last Monday to address student concerns regarding the campus shuttle. The meeting gave Rowan students a chance to voice their concerns with the shuttle services.

Less than 16 students attended the discussion, along with John Aderinto, the university shuttle coordinator, and Dominic Damico, the director of transportation services for the South Jersey Transportation Authority.

“Having an open forum gives students a chance to speak their opinion,” said Student Government Association (SGA) President Daniel Cardona. “This is for brainstorming purposes to make the shuttle the best it could possibly be.”

The meeting began with Brianna Hayden, graduate coordinator of the Rowan shuttle services, explaining several current features of the shuttle, such as the current routes (of which there are 16) and what SGA will be doing in terms of branding and visibility for the shuttle. Cardona mentioned that several logos were in the process of being implemented.

“We are just trying to get awareness out and make sure everyone knows that there is a purpose for using the shuttle, and that every student is able to use the shuttle,” Hayden said.

After the presentation, Hayden opened the floor to attendees to express their concerns and ideas for the shuttle.

Immediately, sophomore biological science major Carina Olivas came forward to talk about her experience one month ago, where one of the Rowan shuttles left her and five other students behind after the vehicle became too full.

At around 5:00 p.m. that day, Olivas tried boarding the shuttle to Camden when she was told, along with the other students, that there were no more seats available.

“The bus driver assured me, ‘Oh we are sending another bus right after this one,’” Olivas said. “We ended up waiting for the other van an hour and a half a later.”

Olivas also remarked on the constant unreliability of the shuttles and tardiness in the morning, which constantly makes her late for her three 8 a.m. classes.

“Sometimes I’ll be getting there at 8:30-8:45,” she said. “There has to be a better way that this company figures out a bus route.”

Aderinto then spoke to those in attendance that Rowan shuttle services is reviewing the tracker app so that students will be able to better note the location of the nearest shuttle. He also mentioned that his department will be ensuring all drivers stop for students at designated areas.

After the meeting, Aderinto expressed his feelings about the lack of attendees at the meeting.

“I would’ve liked to see more students show up,” he said. “we can’t hear their views if they don’t show up.”

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