Review: Rowan Lab Theatre’s “Glam, Glitz, and Naughty Bitz”


Bon Jovi, glitter and glam, oh my!  

On Nov. 12, the production of “Glam, Glitz, and Naughty Bitz: A Glam Rock Musicale” made its world premiere in the Lab Theatre at Rowan University.  The production occurred for one day only, just two performances with limited seating.

The show takes place at a high school cabaret and follows the story of multiple characters and their complicated love lives. Through an immense amount of jealousy, the high schoolers turn to song and payback. The songs were carefully woven into the storyline as the stereotypical high school characters took their spot on stage to sing popular rock and pop anthems.

Under the direction of Christopher Roche, one of the many men and women in charge of Rowan’s theatre department, the show was a completely new piece of theatre, showcased only on Rowan’s campus.

The cast was an incredible ensemble of dancers and singers whose willingness to take risks made the show a fantastic experience.

Standout performances included sophomore musical theatre major Kerry Jules singing “S&M” by Rihanna, sophomore musical theatre major Darby Pumphrey singing “Warrior” by Patty Smyth, senior musical theatre major Brian Gensel singing “Do You Wanna Touch Me” by Gary Glitter and junior musical theatre major Emily Hoffen singing “You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi. The actors and singers gave passion and dedication to their risqué roles, creating a memorable and breathtaking experience.

The costumes and makeup designed by Jacqueline Spence also helped steal the show.

With glitter accenting every costume and clear David Bowie and Green Day influences in the costume design, the clothing and the make-up screamed glitz and glam — as the show’s title would already suggest.  

In addition to the glam, “Glam, Glitz, and Naughty Bitz: A Glam Rock Musicale” served as a preview and spin off of  “Carrie: The Musical,” which will make its appearance on the Tohill Stage next semester.

The production ended with a bucket of blood creating a sneak peek of what’s to come for the next musical under Roche’s direction.

The interactive theatre experience was a delight to watch. Although the show only lasted 45 minutes, the piece served as an exciting and fresh example of the theatre that is being produced and created at Rowan University.

The Lab Theatre’s next show is “One Night” directed by senior acting and directing major Kelsey Romeo, tickets are free for anyone with a valid student ID.

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