SGA addresses shuttle service in second meeting


Rowan students will soon have the chance to voice their opinions on the university’s shuttle service.

At the second Student Government Association meeting of the semester, SGA President Daniel Cardona announced on Monday he would hold an open forum on the shuttle at the next meeting in two weeks. Cardona referred to the system as a “broken bicycle.”

“SGA is determined to make this shuttle work. Especially with the expansion of Rowan University… [the shuttle] is a crucial point on transportation,” Cardona said.

“There is only so much land that can be on the main campus, so making Ellis Street [parking] and Tech Park parking, work, is essential for the growth of Rowan University,” Cardona continued. “Ellis Street is being underutilized right now. We have 220 spots there; there’s roughly around three or four cars there every day.”

After open sessions, the senate moved to fill two Academic Senator seats, one for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the other for the Henry Rowan College of Engineering.

Marcus Mitchell, a sophomore economics major with a minor in political science, was the candidate for the College of Humanities senate seat. In his two-minute speech before the senate, Mitchell focused on his relationships within the respective college.

“As an economics major with a minor in [political science]… most of my classes are in the College of Humanities. Because of this, I’ve developed relationships with both students and professors, as well as executives within the college,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell added how these relationships would make him an “effective liaison between the College and the SGA.”

Joseph Egan, a sophomore mechanical engineering major, then gave his two-minute speech before the senate in which he spoke about giving engineering students a voice.

“I think that sometimes engineers don’t speak up about things,” Egan said. “There’s been a switch in engineering with popularity and the increase in stem fields. Engineers are becoming more vocal… but not necessarily to the people who are higher up. I want to increase communication on a peer level between the students and the faculty in the engineering building.”

Both candidates ran unopposed.

In other events, four new student clubs were awarded charters, allowing them to receive SGA funding. Members from the Rowan Auto Club, the Queer People of Color (QPoC), Women Inspiring a New Generation of Scientists (WINGS) and Camp Kesem took turns in presenting their cases.

All four clubs received few ‘nays’ during the senate vote.

The Rowan Pre-Law Society was also up for a charter vote, but it had no members present at the meeting. The Rowan chapter of the NAACP is scheduled for a charter vote on Oct. 17.

By the end of the meeting, five positions were still open for the senate. The SGA Commissioner seat is currently available, as are four senator-at-large positions, which the SGA is looking to fill.

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