Rowan Democrats canvas for congressional candidate Dave Cole


The sounds of doorbells and Rowan students informing residents why they should “vote Dave Cole for Congress” were heard all over Glassboro on Saturday morning.

The Rowan University Democratic Club was canvasing for the 2nd District of New Jersey Democratic Congressional Candidate. The club initially met with Cole on the Student Center patio early in the morning and discussed their plan and route.

Cole brought Dunkin’ Donuts’ donuts and coffee, and “Cole for Congress” stickers and flyers for the group to hand out to citizens. He spoke to the students about why he’s running, and what issues he stands for.

Cole’s platform includes investing in infrastructure, lowering federal student loan interest and making community college education free. During the canvas, Rowan students went door-to-door informing locals of Cole’s congressional plans in an effort to persuade them to vote for Cole.


The organizer of the canvas was Vice President of Rowan Democrats and junior mechanical engineering major, Joe Miller. Miller is currently an intern for Cole’s campaign office.

When Miller was in high school, he asked a question to Cole’s opponent, congressmen Frank Lobiondo. Lobiondo’s response discouraged Miller from supporting the incumbent republican.

Congressional candidate Dave Cole plans a canvasing route with Rowan students. - Staff Photo/Leon Purvis
Congressional candidate Dave Cole plans a canvasing route with Rowan students. – Staff Photo/Leon Purvis

“I’ve lived in this congressional district my whole life,” Miller said. “And my entire life, it’s always been Frank Lobiondo [for congress]. And he’s a guy who ran in 1994 on term limits. So I was curious about him.

“[Lobiondo] came out to my high school, and I asked him why he didn’t think the term limit should apply to him; if he thought the term limit should be a thing. And he didn’t really compose himself. He was like, angry about it when he answered. And that was upsetting to me,” Miller continued.

Cole worked for Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign after he graduated from Rutgers University.

“I was in the White House in the beginning of the first term,” Cole said. “We worked really hard to get some new things done, and change the way government worked.

A student fastens a "Cole for Congress" button to his shirt before heading out to canvas in Glassboro. - Staff Photo/Leon Purvis
A student shows off a “Cole for Congress” button pinned to his shirt before heading out to canvas in Glassboro. – Staff Photo/Leon Purvis

“At that time, we lost control of the Congress,” Cole continued. “The House of Representatives turned to Republicans. And they came in with a plan to stop all progress from moving forward. To stop our president from achieving the goals that he set forth. And as a software engineer – which is my background – I thought it was unacceptable to have people in government try to stop the government from working.”

After Cole married his wife in 2013 and settled down in Mantua Township, he sought to run for the congressional seat so he can bring “change” to Washington.

Cole supports his party’s nominee for president of The United States, Hillary Clinton. However, his preferred nominee would have been Senator Elizabeth Warren.

“I tried to be a part of drafting her to run,” Cole said. “Unfortunately, that didn’t work out. But I think we had three great candidates that we saw come out. And I am very excited for Secretary Clinton’s campaign now.

“I think it’s a really good way to continue the progress we’ve made over the last eight years,” Cole continued, on Secretary Clinton’s campaign.

Those registered to vote in Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland, and Salem counties, as well as those in certain parts of Burlington, Camden, Gloucester and Ocean counties can vote for either Republican Frank Lobiondo or Democrat Dave Cole for congress on Nov. 8.

Because of the success of the initial canvas, the Rowan Democrats will be holding a weekly canvas until Election Day. They will leave from the student center patio at 10:45 a.m. on Saturdays. For more information, contact Joe Miller at

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