PROFlympics: Students race pushcarts down Rowan Boulevard


Rowan students and alumni revved up their engines—in this case, their feet—for pushcart races down Rowan Boulevard as part of PROFlympics Homecoming 2016. The races wrapped up the second day of a week of festivities.

The event consisted of 22 teams racing against each other in a head-to-head format; two teams of two would line up at a time. The competitors started at the beginning of Rowan Boulevard and raced their pushcarts down to the end of the street.

There, the teams switched positions, and the person who had been pushing the cart began to steer it, and the person who had been steering then would push. From that point, the teams raced back down the street, finishing at the original starting mark.

A two-person crew from the ASA sorority crosses the finish line. - Staff Photo/Matt Kass
A two-person crew from the team of ASA, SAE, and the Dance Team crosses the finish line. -Staff Photo/Matt Kass

Teams were not only racing against their competition, but also against the clock, as the duo with the fastest cumulative time would win the event.

The winner of the races will be announced at halftime of the football game this Saturday.

Giana Corso, a Homecoming rep for the combined team of the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, and the Dance Team, was thrilled with her squad’s performance so far this week.

“We’ve been doing awesome,” said Corso, a sophomore marketing major. “Our banner came out great, and all of our teamwork has been on top. I’d say we’re doing pretty well for the second day.”

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