Editorial: Bring back the grass intramural fields


Apparently too much of a good thing, is in fact, a bad thing.

When stepping out on the new, turf-laden intramural field, there should be a feeling unlike any brought on from playing small-time sports. It should feel like you’re a professional, or at least at a major Division I school.

And it does. Until you get home.

The moment a sock comes off, the bathroom is transformed into a battlefield, covered in dozens of small, black rubber mines. The field comes home with you, but the feeling elicited from standing on the pellets outside is quite different than the feeling of standing on them in your own bathroom.

It can take as long to clean the floor as it does to play the game to begin with. Isn’t the allure of turf that it keeps clothing clean? Or that it would stay where it was meant to, unlike the dirt fields before it that would slide and squish in the rain?

Rowan now has two turf fields. One out in the middle of campus, and one next to the mat in your bathroom.

Is this why the cost of the field didn’t end up getting charged as part of our student fees? Because someone higher up knew that we’d end up spending the same amount of money on cleaning supplies and vacuum bags?

The point is, we thought we wanted that new field, but oh, how wrong we were.

Please Rowan, bring back the grass. People can stomach a loss on the field, but they can’t face another one in their bathroom.

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