At RU Cookie Munchers, campus cookies cater to your cravings


Last Saturday night, my friends and I had the late-night munchies. Well, it was 9:30 p.m. so it wasn’t that late for a group of college students.

Someone suggested pizza. Domino’s, Papa John’s, and Pizza Hut all deliver late into the night to capitalize on the vampirish and nocturnal college market.

However, nightly pizza gets old.

Then, I remembered seeing flyers for a Rowan cookie delivery service that started a couple of weeks ago. What better way to satisfy a yearning stomach than with cookies?

I whipped out my phone to order. A quick googling of “RU Cookie Munchers” led to the right place. The homepage was easy to navigate and visually pleasing, displaying a welcome message, popular items, hours of operation, and an “order now” button at the top.

Upon clicking the button, I was redirected to a menu page with eight options. There were six cookies to pick from chocolate chip, double chocolate, M&M, snickerdoodle, s’mores, and sugar. There were also two milk options: regular, and chocolate. Each option cost $1.75, which seemed pricey for a cookie.

We ordered one of each cookie and one 16-ounce milk. With tax, it came to $13.11. The minimum order was $6. Cookie Munchers accepts online payment with a card and cash payments directly to the delivery driver. Delivery was free. I paid in cash and gave the driver a $3 tip.

A text alerted me when the driver was en route: “Cookie Munchers is on the way!”

Although no delivery time guarantee was explicitly stated on the site, Cookie Munchers upheld the pizza adage of “30 minutes or less.” Our order was delivered in 25 minutes.

The driver was co-owner Brandon Lucante. He told me he was happy with the amount of business Cookie Munchers has received, averaging 30-35 orders a night. Their record was reached last Sunday, with 48. The least busy night saw 20.

Currently, Cookie Munchers orders are written on Post-it notes.

“We’re working on getting an automatic printer,” Lucante said, which would speed up the process.

The time had come: the big reveal. It was indeed a big reveal, as the cookies were much larger than expected, fitting well into their $1.75 price tag. We cut each cookie into several pieces, making them resemble personal pizzas; sweet, sugary morsel-filled pizzas.

One of each cookie flavor offered by Cookie Munchers, with a milk and the box. On the box is a hand-written note saying "Enjoy the cookies." - Staff photo/Joseph Gramigna
One of each cookie flavor is offered by Cookie Munchers, with the box in the background. On the box is a hand-written note saying “Enjoy the cookies.” – Staff photo/Joseph Gramigna

The verdict:

Chocolate chip: The outer rim was very crisp, while the middle was quite doughy and a bit undercooked. The chip-to-cookie ratio was very pleasing, with just the right amount of chips spaced throughout.

M&M: This was softer than the chocolate chip, but it still had a nice crispy texture. The amount of M&Ms was generous, but not overwhelming. It was evenly cooked and golden brown.

Sugar: We unanimously agreed that this was the reigning king of the Cookie Munchers selection. It was the most crumbly cookie, deliciously falling apart and spritzing the tongue with superb sugariness.

S’mores: This did not taste much like a s’more, but the consistency was similar to that of a graham cracker. This was the flattest and crispest cookie. The marshmallow was not spread evenly throughout, with some areas overloaded and others having very little.

(Lucante told me that they’re experimenting with this recipe, trying different marshmallows to find a perfect fit. Look out for new-and-improved s’mores cookies in the future.)

Snickerdoodle: The amount of cinnamon was perfect. It was especially buttery, combined with the cinnamon coating for a classic Snickerdoodle taste.

Double chocolate: If you like your cookies soft and chewy, this one’s for you. It was the thickest and had powdered sugar on top. As the name implies, it is a very chocolatey choice, and its richness may be a bit overwhelming if you’re not a diehard chocolate lover.

Cookie Munchers

Style: Dessert

Price Range: All options $1.75 ($6 minimum)

Hours: Thursday through Sunday, 7 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Accepts: Cash, credit, and debit

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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