RoGlow paint party caps off Color Me Rowan Weekend


On Saturday night, Rowan students were taken by bus out to the South Jersey Technology Park for the school’s fifth annual RoGlow paint party. The event capped off Color Me Rowan Weekend 2016.

The students who attended were treated to music sets by DJ George, DJ Burnbomb and DJ Avi, as well as showers of fluorescent paint and smoke cannons.

Christina Chinnici, a junior urban planning major, was looking forward to spending time with her friends at the event.

“Because of our schedules and stuff, we don’t get to all hang out a lot and not stress about school, so tonight is one of the nights we all just get to spend time together,” Chinnici said.

Once everyone got to the park around 8 p.m., the fun kicked into high gear. Students inside the tented area were sprayed throughout the night with orange, blue, green, pink and yellow paint as electronic dance music blared over the speakers. Students also got light-up batons to wave around, adding to the colorful atmosphere.

The DJs on stage played a mix of crowd favorites – and some of their own mixes – as students danced along to the music. Outside the tent, students chatted with each other while grabbing water and waiting in line for the restrooms.

Director of Student Activities Constantine Alexakos explained RoGlow was initially part of homecoming.

“Homecoming was called RoGlow that year,” Alexakos said. “It was such a success that the following year, we took the RoGlow idea and turned it into Color Me Rowan Weekend. Now we have a full weekend of activities.”

For many of the students who attended RoGlow, this was their first big event on campus.

“I’ve been here for five minutes and I’m already super excited about it,” Freshman psychology major Jordyn Piccirelli said. “It seems really awesome, and everyone’s looking so awesome and ready to party, so I’m excited.”

Stephen Kovarik, a freshman mechanical engineering major,  said he greatly enjoyed the “awesome” event.

“As a freshman, I’m really enjoying it,” he said. “It’s the first big thing [at Rowan] I’ve gone to, and I’m going to go to a lot more.”

Alexakos felt Color Me Rowan Weekend, particularly RoGlow, went exceptionally well this year.

“You look out into the tent, and we have over twelve hundred students in there, and they look like they’re having an amazing time right now,” he said.

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