Noah Weinstein is “the unofficial mascot of Rowan”


If you’re at a Rowan sports game and you hear a chant, you can be sure that Noah Weinstein is helping to lead it.

Since graduating from Rowan in 2012 and getting a job in the Academic Success Center, Weinstein has been to almost every single home game in every sport Rowan offers.

He’s not sure exactly how many that is, but he guesses it’s somewhere upward of 1,000.

Sometimes Weinstein gets paid to go to games by the Academic Success Center to assist students with disabilities, sometimes he goes to hang out with friends, but no matter the reason, he brings his Prof Pride every time.

 Brendon Rush: Weinstein is “the unofficial mascot of Rowan.”

Sports have always been a part of Weinstein’s life, even as an athlete. As a child, he played soccer and basketball, and from middle to high school, he ran cross country and track. He is also a lifelong fan of the Philadelphia sports teams.

“My family has Phillies season tickets for the Sunday home games,” Weinstein said. “So every home Sunday I’m at the Phillies game.”

Weinstein played an influential role in the creation of ProfPack, a student group that cheers on Rowan’s teams at their respective games. The original founders of ProfPack requested Weinstein’s help starting the group because of his knowledge about Rowan sports.

Interestingly enough, Weinstein wasn’t even a student at the time he helped the group form in 2012.

“So technically I was a founding member, but not really because I wasn’t a student,” Weinstein said.

Although Weinstein was not a student when ProfPack was founded, alums and cofounders of the group Nicolette Camishion and Brendon Rush valued Weinstein as part of the club.

Camishion, who now works as a field safety engineer for Mortenson Construction, said that Weinstein was always eager to participate and help, often being the first one at an event.

“Noah is one of the most energetic, positive people I ever met,” said Camishion.

Rush, now a manufacturing engineer at the Kennedy Space Center, said that Weinstein was essentially “the unofficial mascot of Rowan,” and ProfPack’s number one supporter.

Because Weinstein has been to so many games, he has become a recognizable face to both those in the crowd and those on the field.

“A lot of the students know me, some of them from their freshman year on,” Weinstein said. “So I’ve made a lot of good friends.”

Weinstein’s friend and fellow alum Matt Soslow worked with him on various student activities and Student University Programmer events. Soslow described Weinstein as someone who would lend a hand whenever possible.

“He has the best reputation you could ask for,” Soslow said. “Everybody knows him. He’s just a busybody and he loves Rowan enough that he wants to support it in any way he can.”

Some of Weinstein’s weekends involve going to multiple sporting events, then to Rowan After Hours, where he used to work while he was a student.

“He wants people to be as passionate about Rowan as he is,” Soslow said. “It really is his second home.”

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