Closing out Rowan After Hours’ WOW Weekend on Saturday, RAH Extreme brought various games and activities to Bunce Green for students to enjoy.

This weekend marked the first time WOW Weekend has ever been done and is the concept of Megan McHugh, the assistant director for the Office of Student Activities (OSA), as well as Tom Marsella and Emily Kofman, who are both graduate coordinators for OSA.

“When we were planning the fall calendar, we wanted to do another big, packaged, theme weekend,” Marsella said. “We wanted it to be exciting, something we haven’t done before so we came up with WOW Weekend. It was three nights of something big and different.”

RAH Extreme featured pedal-cart racing as well as multiple inflatables, including the Wrecking Ball Challenge, the Velcro Wall and Big Red Balls.

The pedal carts allowed up to three students to race at once on the road beside Bunce Green. Students turned when they reached the orange traffic cones, and the first student to return to their starting line won.

“It was cool,” said Sammi Barreca, a sophomore math education major. “I went really fast and then I passed both of them around the turn.”

Students were required to wear helmets for safety purposes, but the real danger was shoelaces getting stuck in the gears of the carts. Several students got stuck, forcing the workers at the pedal carts to add information about shoelaces to their safety speech.

The most recognizable inflatable was the Big Red Balls, similar to the obstacle seen on the television show “Wipeout.” Students had the challenge of making it across four oversized, red balls to the platform at the end. If students lingered too long on a ball, it began to deflate, making the jump to the next one more difficult. Andrew Bollettino, a freshman exploratory studies major, made it his mission to make it across the Big Red Balls.

“I’m not leaving until I get that done,” Bollettino said.

The most physical game at the event was the Wrecking Ball Challenge, where four students stood on four separate platforms with a wrecking ball in the center of them. The students then threw the wrecking ball at their peers in the hopes of knocking them off the platform until there was one person left standing.

Bollettino, who enjoyed playing this game with his friends, came up with a strategy that led to his eventual victory.

“Keep throwing the ball at someone who’s losing balance,” he said. “If they’re not falling off, jump onto their platform and tackle them.”

Marsella was happy with the turnout, noting that the lines stayed pretty consistent throughout the night. Due to the number of people who attended the events this weekend, Rowan will definitely see WOW Weekend in the future, according to Marsella.

“It was a successful weekend,” he said.

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